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Licensed Professionals

Ever since opening our doors back in 2000, we’ve been committed to our clients’ unique project needs and achieving their utmost satisfaction with our work. As a leader in the industry, we use a comprehensive approach in order to provide a wide range of services for the projects we’re involved with.

From dealing with bureaucratic requirements to coordinating with subcontractors, Palmer Innovative Construction guarantees precise, timely, and efficient work. 

We take a pre-construction approach to all of our projects. By that we mean, that our success isn’t only in the build, but the design team and the input of the homeowners as well. We implement rendering very early on in the project layout, so we can be certain that the build is done with the precision and accuracy that the homeowners are looking for in their home.

A home isn’t just a living space to us, it is an extension of who you are and it is the place you come home to and decompress. So we know it needs to feel and look exactly how you envision in your mind.


It is our goal to take that vision and build it into your reality.

Take a look at our projects to gain an idea of how we work and how we design.

(Lifetime maintenance options available)

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